Agrifood Industry

Made in Italy industry

Production chains of enterprises

Energy Community and Environment

Logistics and mobility

Public and private administrative services

Insurance and banking sector

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Areas of application

Traceability of strategic supply chains

Product Traceability – Supply Chain

Digitalisation of industrial and production processes

Supply chain digitisation and logistics

Digitisation of administrative processes, data and documents

Digitalisation of identity, access and activities

Enabling technologies

DLT blockchain

AI artificial intelligence

IoT – IoV internet of things & of value

AR – VR augmented reality & virtual reality

VRO metaverse


Big Data

Cyber Security

Creating a better future for all with new technologies

Initiating, designing and implementing: BlueChain, a Bolzano-based consultancy specialising in blockchain technology, stands for all these disciplines.

Driven by a passion for new technologies, applied scientific research and a deep commitment to a culture of innovation, BlueChain was founded with the ambition to define and jointly implement sustainable strategies for companies and organisations.

Our focus is on the environment and sustainability. The open-source, modular and powerful blockchain-based software systems of our partners help us to translate our clients’ needs into innovative and forward-looking projects.

Together, we are helping to create ecosystems that change the way people interact with technology, infrastructure and each other.


We have always liked to look ahead, our horizon is the future, we deal with sustainable digital innovation.

We provide consultancy to initiate the innovation processes of Enterprises, Institutions and Industries, we design, together with leading Digital Economy Experts, their digital transformation, integrating it with existing systems, with the application of new technologies, such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and of Value (IoV) and the VRO Metaverse, accelerating their digital transformation.

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