Consulting Services

Successful implementation requires more than an innovative idea.
BlueChain helps companies, from all sectors, to study and conceptualise digital transformation ideas and assess their feasibility, to plan and implement them accurately.

We combine proven design methodologies with compositional capabilities that accelerate the growth of business results.
Bluechain offers consulting, development and organisation of digital implementation and transformation projects, and training.

We are always looking for creative and cutting-edge solutions.
The involvement of competent experts makes it possible to maximise the advantages of implementing the most innovative technologies and blockchain to realise digitisation projects in companies.

What use cases we support:

  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Asset management
  • Data and document management
  • Identity and access management
  • Business decisions

What use cases we support:

Producers, retailers and consumers all have an interest in tracing the supply chain from raw material sources to the consumer’s shopping cart.

Blockchain is a technology that can have various applications in the real estate sector, both to make transactions simpler and more transparent and to create new investment and financing opportunities. Through smart contracts, which are self-executing digital contracts, certain stages of real estate transactions are automated, such as price payment, property registration, deposit management, and energy efficiency. The blockchain cannot completely replace the role of real estate professionals, such as notaries or estate agents, but it can complement them by facilitating their activities and offering a better service to clients.

Blockchain offers several advantages in the healthcare sector, such as security, efficiency and transparency of data and processes, and the management of electronic medical records, which can be shared between different healthcare providers in a secure and immutable manner, guaranteeing patient privacy and quality of care. Digitisation can help ensure widespread care. Well-connected hospitals, health districts and territorial services save time and resources.

A blockchain database is the ideal place to record degrees, certificates of attendance, licences and other professional qualifications. But it is easy to imagine a future in which all academic and professional qualifications are added to a blockchain-based personal file, accessible to academic institutions, employers, customers and patients through the use of digital badges.

In support of CER, Renewable Energy Communities. Through the use of innovative digital technologies, it is possible to better manage production, consumption and storage transactions to the economic benefit of all actors in the energy system, including residential, industrial and e-mobility users.

Our services:

Technological and organisational solutions in the Blue Economy. We facilitate the implementation and use of innovative digital technologies in the innovation processes of companies, institutions and industries.

Defining the adoption strategy. We conduct feasibility studies to bring the decision-maker all the information he needs to start the project. We present the best use cases and identify business opportunities, co-design the adoption roadmap, select the best Partners and provide ongoing strategic support.

Sustainability Report. Digitisation can improve corporate sustainability reporting by reducing the use of physical resources, optimising processes, monitoring environmental data, limiting physical travel, promoting circular models, involving employees, facilitating reporting and increasing transparency.

Blockchain Project Management. In the field of blockchain consulting, we offer expert assistance in the planning and design of projects based on this revolutionary technology, as well as practical support in the implementation of reliable blockchain solutions. We offer Blockchain Project Management and Temporary Management services in Outsourcing. We train the internal team and provide strategic and operational support, including Business Development and Marketing activities.

Training. We provide continuous training on the topic of innovative digital and blockchain technologies, realising classroom and digital courses of different levels and with ad-hoc created paths to support enterprises.

  • Support in finding and managing the right service provider
  • Analysis and identification of your business needs and the blockchain ecosystem (tokens, NFT’s, smart contracts, IoT, etc.).
  • Creation of a proof-of-concept (optional)
  • Creating a plan for integration with required systems
  • Consulting on blockchain security
  • Creating a roadmap for implementing blockchain solutions, including a risk mitigation plan
  • Implementation support
  • Quality assurance of the blockchain solution.
  • Creation of user training materials or delivery of user training (optional).
  • Support and further development of the blockchain solution (if required).

The sectors in which we offer our Blue Economy services

  • Agro-food industry
  • Industrial production
  • Productions of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Energy communities and the environment
  • Construction and real estate
  • Logistics and mobility
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Public and private administrative services
  • Insurance and banking sector
  • Non-profit

Funding advice and corporate financing

For the development of AI, blockchain and IoT technologies and applications, both regions, the Italian state and Europe provide substantial allocations for companies and public or private research centres through various funding and support projects.

During a consultation, we will support you in choosing the right financing for your project or for your company in general. We will answer your questions about forms of financing and funding. The initial consultation is free of charge for anyone who is, or becomes, a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Our experts will deal with your company’s plans and general conditions on an individual basis. We therefore need meaningful documents about your company in order to be able to provide professional advice to your advantage.


Blockchain, smart contracts, DAOs, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin are on everyone’s lips – the disruptive side of distributed ledger technology brings innovation to numerous industries and enables new business models.

In our blockchain training courses, you will acquire exactly the practical and specialist knowledge you need to master your professional challenges. You benefit from the comprehensive knowledge of our project and practice-experienced lecturers.

Choose between different types of training: We offer blockchain as open training in our training rooms, as a customised company seminar or in-house training, as well as online.

The training courses can be booked in German or Italian.