Our Team

BlueChain is the brainchild of Antonio Pasqualin, thanks to his 30 years of experience as a networker and innovative system actions implemented in the service of the economy and the social sector, he has created an operational team of talented, dedicated and passionate Digital Technology professionals, who, with their knowledge, experience and creativity, use revolutionary technologies to innovate business and make companies’ production processes more efficient.

Antonio Pasqualin



Our Values

We are at the side of companies to create value together.
Our keywords are, Digital Economy, Innovation, Social and Environmental Sustainability.

We are driven by a passion for innovation.
We embrace change as an opportunity to find new ways to solve challenges and create an environment where ethics, innovation and commitment come together to create a unique experience for our customers and our team.

Blue Economy.
We are aware of the impact of digital transformation on the community and the environment, which is why we adopt sustainable projects and are committed to leaving a positive and lasting footprint.

Scientific advisory board

Our scientific advisory board is made up of national and international experts from the fields of education, business, science and research who contribute on a voluntary basis in the form of an advisory expert panel on ongoing technological and scientific developments in the context of work for our clients.

AI – New Technologies and Blockchain Revolution Summit

The Blockchain Revolution Italian Summit (BRIS) is the summit dedicated to innovative digital technologies applied to various economic and social sectors.
A tool to help the ‘Real Economy’ which, thanks to blockchain and the various tools of the Digital Economy, makes it possible to innovate one’s business and make production processes more efficient.

After the realisation of the four editions, the 5th edition dedicated to AI artificial intelligence, New Technologies and blockchain technology is scheduled to take place in Bolzano on 19 and 20 April 2024.

The summit aims to inform and educate, the owners and managers of companies and PA, of the potential possibilities offered by the Digital Economy and thus to spread culture and knowledge about the technologies we will use in the near future.