Our Team

is made up of talented, dedicated, inspiring and passionate professionals whose vision is to bring their creativity and revolutionary technologies to our clients’ business goals and bring the best solution to the table.

At BlueChain, a team of world-class engineers, lawyers, financial experts, economists and project managers work with internationally networked experts in an environment optimised for collaboration, creativity and performance.

Antonio Pasqualin



Scientific advisory board

Our scientific advisory board is made up of national and international experts from the fields of education, business, science and research who contribute on a voluntary basis in the form of an advisory expert panel on ongoing technological and scientific developments in the context of work for our clients.

Energy – Blockchain and New Technologies Revolution Summit

The Blockchain Revolution Summit (BCRS) is the Italian summit dedicated to innovative technologies in combination with blockchain technology and the opportunities for application in various economic and social sectors, as a tool for trust, security and sharing.

Following the realisation of the three editions, the edition dedicated to Energy and New Technologies in presence and digital is scheduled to take place in Bolzano on 4 and 5 May 2023.

The summit aims to inform and educate, the owners and managers of companies and PA, of the potential possibilities offered by new technologies and blockchain and thus to spread culture and knowledge of this technology of the future.